Most of our staff at senior level position consists of Managers and Field officers who are ex-defense officers. They are highly skilled and have many years of experience in security and allied subjects. It is our persistent goal to remain in touch with our customers on daily basis. If we get any complaints then they are quickly addressed.


To remain in touch with latest and recent technological advancements, we have given mobile phones to our field staff so that we can stay in touch with our personnel and clients. The use of mobile phones is important in order to make the provision of two-way communication. Now you can contact the field staff anywhere in an hour of emergency. Our operational room has round the clock different shifts of field officers. We also have a dedicated vehicle to address their problems and issues.


We have training personnel that provide exhaustive training to security guards. They are trained with all the important parameters related to Security, Access Control, and Security of material. The security guards are also provided with practical training of handling fire -fighting equipment. Our dedicated training staff also give on the job training to obtain optimum efficiency. Our training staff comprises of experienced senior retired defense & Para Military Officers.


Field Staff comprises of Field Officers, operational manager, and field supervisors. Field staff is responsible to maintain discipline in the guards. Regular checks are carried to achieve desired results. The field staff is also responsible for conducting regular night checks.


Our control rooms are situated at Headquarter and other regional branches that are manned 24x7 to meet the unforeseen eventualities. Our field staff is available 24x7 to answer all your queries. Our forte as guarding industry's leader in Maximum Customer Retention Rate and Lowest Employee Turnover Rate has earned us a well-deserved niche unmatched by competition and attained only by their hard work and excellence in performance as borne by our long-term client base.